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Patrick Roy

Recognised as one of the best goalies under pressure, Patrick Roy has always done great in goal. He has accumulated the most wins in Stanley Cup History. Goalies all over the place respect him for his near-perfect style. "I'm very superstitious", he says, "I always get dressed the same way, I always play with a pucklook at the clock between periods to make sure I have time to spray water on my face, fill my water bottle, etc. The day of a game, I always eat the same thing ... There's a bunch of little things that I do all the time and would never dream of changing." Before each game, he writes the names of his 3 kids on his stick (Frederik, Jonathan, and Jana). He also ONLY eats a plate of spahgetti and meatballs and a glass of water for lunch. Well, whatever he's doing is definately paying off. The Avalanche made it to the semi-finals in the playoffs this year, only to be defeated by the Stars. Something that not everyone knows about Saint Patrick (as he's called in his home in Lac Beauport, Quebec) is the part owner of a QMJHL team, the Quebec Remparts.

During a December 2nd (I have no idea what year) game agenst the Redwings, Roy lost his temper and started yelling at the fans (see above pic). Once he got tossed from the game, he went directly to the Hab's president and told him that this was the last game he'd ever play as a Canadian. The next day, he made a statement to the media, and held firm on the fact that the previous gave was his last in Montreal. On December 6th, he was traded to Colorado.