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Mark Messier

In 1979, Edmonton picked Mark in the 3rd rounf of the Entry Draft. Since then, he's won 5 Stanley Cups (picking up one Conn Smythe Trophy on the way), and is the only person to captian two Stanley Cup winning teams (Rangers and Oilers). Last season, Mark was the captian of the Vancouver Canucks. However, his contract with Vancouver expired recently, and he's now a free agent. This makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY, why? Because I can't stand the coach, Mike Keenan. He is a waste of bench-space. Not only did he call Pavel Bure a "selfish little suck" (Paven told him to fuck off after), but then he denied it to the media, after some of the players who were there at the time told the SAME STORY of how it happened. But worst of all, he let his team ATTACK the Sabres and Dominik Hasek after they tore the Canucks apart. wtf kind of coaching is that?