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The Best in Hockey

Darcy Tucker
I slapped togeather this page on Darcy Tucker, arguably the best centerman in Toronto.
Steve Shields
The goalie for San Jose, who, if you ask me, dosen't get as much credit as he deserves.
Mike Peca
My fave player, Mike Peca. I love this man. And to show my love and affection, I've made this mini-shrine. Some affection.
Pavel Bure
The pride of the NHL, the Russian Rocket, Pavel Bure. He's by far the best player in hockey today, and here is my mini-shrine to him.
Brendan Shanahan
I've loved this guy since he was the captian of the Whalers. But since they LEFT US, I have to admire him bieng underappreciated in Detriot. Oh well.
Eric Lindros
Another one of my all-time faves, the Big E
Mario Lemieux
I was so sad when I heard he was retireing, so here's my tribute to the Best One
Ray Bourque
Even though he's the oldest player in the NHL, Raymond Borque is still kicking some major ass.
Peter Forsberg
An issue of the Hockey News had his picture in the "Swedish Hockey Heaven" article. Not to be mistaken for Swedish Penis Enlarger Heaven (there you are Chad)
Chris Drury
One of the only 2 players from CT in the NHL...and AMEN he dosen't suck, wouldn't want to go making Connecticut look bad now would we?
Patrick Roy
People generally forget about Patrick Roy when they are naming some of the greatest goalies ever. Not sure why, he's won 3 cups, and started a huge media contreversey in Montreal.
Mark Messier
Adrian Aucoin
One of the leauge's best young players.

He's rushing off the ice to come to THIS VERY WEBPAGE

Yes, here at my page, we are Hasek Approved. Anyway, welcome to my page. I've made this in homage to the best sport on earth, hockey. I've got what I feel to be a greant collection of some of the best players ever. I'm always adding things here, so definately bookmark this and come back often. In the meantime, look around, and be sure to tell me what you think, who I should add, what I should change, blah blah blah. You can do that by emailing me here:

I promise I'll get back to you, and CONCIDER (if anyone tells me that Mike Peca is a waste of webspace, for instance, I won't take that advice, dear god no) your ideas. I can't promise you any more than that.