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Eric Lindros

Well, since his NHL debut in 1991, Eric has always made a huge impact on all the games he's been in. He's won the Hart and the Bobby Clarke Trophies, both for MVP, oh the NHL and of the Flyer's Orginazation. He first became a flyer in 1992, after a trade with the Queben Nordiques. THe Nordiques picked him first overall in the 1991 NHL Entry Draft. It cost the flyers 8 playes and cash to get him. Unfortunately, his career is in jeprody for a couple of reasons. First, he has an extremely fragile head, and is prone to concussions. Also, nobody is sure where Eric will be playing next season. Disagreements with the Flyer's management cause him to not want to return next season, and word has it that the New York Rangers and LA Kings are eager to sign him.

Down Tiger!

I call this picture "pissed eric", for obvious reasons. A member of my beloved Sabres is giving him crap, and obviously he's not about to take it. On another note, it has come to my attention that Eric Lindros, and tennis star Pete Sampras look EXACTLY ALIKE. I don't know if it's the eyebrows, the sloped forehead, or both, but if you look at the picture of Sampras above, I'm sure you'll agree.