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Chris Drury

Some people may be saying to themselves, "who exactly IS Chris Drury, and why is he here". Well, other than the fact that his hometown is 15 minets away from mine, I've met the guy, his bro used to be my coach, I THINK HE'S GREAT. And, he is! He was the winner of the 1998 Hobey Baker Award for best collegic player. He went to high school at Fairfield Prep, where he set the leauge scoring record. Over the 4 years he spent playing for the Boston College Terriers, he scored 118 points. He was elected to the NCAA East ALl-Star Team (1996 and 1997), and the NCAA East All-American in 1996. Chris has played for Team USA in the World Juinor Championchips, and also for the USA in the World Championchips. On a non-hockey note, the one and only time any CT won the National Little Leauge Title, Chris was the winning pitcher. What does this tell us? That he really needs to come back? YES, Yes we're aware.