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This is a peice of a website (named Penalty Shot, if you can't tell allready) that is an 
interview with Canucks' defenseman Adrian Aucoin.  He's made a huge splash in the NHL, 
especially this season.  Unfortunately, he was on Mike "I can't coach for crap" Keenan's
black list, and missed many games.  Here's the interview:  

Penalty Shot!!: Tell us a little about your background, where you grew up, when you 
started to play hockey?

Adrian Aucoin: I first started at the age of 4, in Cold Lake, Alberta until I was 6. At 
7 I moved to Ottawa, Ontario.

Penalty Shot!!: Rather than playing Canadian Major Junior hockey, you opted for the 
University of Boston Terriers. What influenced your decision to do so?

Adrian Aucoin: Education. I wasn’t sure how far hockey would take me, so I figured a 
degree would be the best bet

Penalty Shot!!: How did Boston head coach Jack Parker help your hockey career in your 
one season as a Terrier?

Adrian Aucoin: Dedication and Physical Conditioning

Penalty Shot!!: After Boston, you joined the Canadian National Team for two seasons, 
which included trips to the World Juniors in ’93 and the Olympics in ’94. What do you 
feel those experiences did for you on your road to the NHL?

Adrian Aucoin: World Juniors was huge for leaderships skills, and both of them really 
helped teach me more about playoff style hockey, critical situations and pressure. Also, 
playing on International Ice surfaces really helps a players’ skating.

Penalty Shot!!: You were drafted 117th overall in 1992 by the Canucks. Were you 
disappointed at the fact it took until the 5th round to be selected, or did you see it 
as a stepping stone for you to prove yourself even more?

Adrian Aucoin: Just being drafted was a tremendous honor. I knew that it didn’t matter 
where I was drafted, because as we all know, after the 1st round, it’s pretty much up 
to the player to prove himself.

Penalty Shot!!: You made your NHL debut on May 3, 1995 against the San Jose Sharks and 
scored your first (of many) NHL goals in that game, how did that feel?

Adrian Aucoin: Just playing my first NHL game was a thrill of a lifetime. I think the 
goal was just a cherry on top!

Penalty Shot!!: 1998-1999 was your breakthrough season to the Elite of the NHL 
defencemen with 23 goals, 18 of which were on the Power Play. Was there anything that 
you changed about your game that helped you to accomplish your record setting season?

Adrian Aucoin: Obviously ice time was the biggest factor. Also, I would have to say 
that experience was a key.

Penalty Shot!!: Since you have been in Vancouver, 5 coaches have come and gone (Ley, 
Quinn, Renney, Keenan, now Crawford). Is it difficult for a player to adjust to each 
coaches’ philosophy and what does/did each coach bring to the table, in your eyes?

Adrian Aucoin: It is actually quite difficult if the systems are different, as Mike 
Keenan was a run and gun freestyle, Marc Crawford is more of a position type.

Penalty Shot!!: 98-99 you were one of 3 Canucks to play in all 82 games (Scatchard, 
Brashear were the others), while this season you have been limited to 48 games. Is it 
frustrating to have to sit in the press box while the guys on the ice are battling on 
the ice?

Adrian Aucoin: Injuries are the toughest part of the game. Luckily in my time out this 
year, the team played extremely well which made it easier to watch!

Penalty Shot!!: Lastly, I would just like to get your comments on where you think the 
team is headed after this year. Some players’ contracts are up, there is expansion, 
and the Sedin twins will be coming over. What do you see happening with the Canucks 
in 2000-2001, and beyond?

Adrian Aucoin: As a young team, I only see us getting better. We needed some time 
to gel and I think the last part of the year has really proven that. Obviously the 
playoffs is our goal for 2000-01, and I am quite sure they are attainable!

Penalty Shot!!: Thanks Adrian for helping us out with our first edition of Canucks Q & A!