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Darcy Tucker is one of the best players on the Toronto Maple leafs. He's one of those people
who will stop at nothing to knock down the biggest guys out there, which makes him one of
the most hated guys on the ice. They're all just jealous! 
             Position: Centre 
             Height: 5' 11" 
             Weight: 185 lbs. 
             Shoots: Left 
             Born: Castor, Alberta, March 15, 1975 
             Last Amateur Club: Kamloops (WHL) 

Before playing for Toronto, he was the favorite player by the fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning.
The Leafs traded 4 of their men to get Darcy, and it has proved to be a very good trade for 


How to make your very own Darcy Tucker Puppet:

          1.  Get 2 bags
          2.  Get a picture of Nickelodean's cartoon host "Stick Stickly"
          3.  Create stick on the bag.  Then give it a lightning jersey.  Leave out the corn '
              kernel nose.

And there you are, your very own Darcy Tucker.  *applause*